Draft program of conference

Сultural and visual studies in photography
15-16 May 2015, St.-Petersburg, Russia
St.-Petersburg State Institute for Culture


15 May 2015 (10.00 – 18.00)


Thinking in Pictures, or: Do we need a Philosophy of Photography

Dr.Valery Savchuk, St.Petesburg State University, Laboratory of Mediaphilosophy
What do we say when we say “philosophy of photography”

Nina Sosna, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Photography beyond the visual and the virtual

Andrey Khoroshilov, St. Petersburg State University
Slowing down and repetition

Victor Krutkin, Udmurt State University, Izhevsk
Photographic materiality of social life

Clemens Jahn, designer, photographer, editor, Berlin
Photography after photography – a critical revision

Konstantin A. Ocheretyany, Laboratory of Mediaphilosophy, St. Petersburg State University
The corporality of photography – corporality with zero denotation

Giulio Giadrossi, Humboldt University, Berlin
Politics of reproduced gestures in Aby Warburg, Jeff Wall and Giorgio Agamben

Doron Altaratz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Algorithmic Visual Mechanism: The reciprocity between Technological Developments, Human Machine Collaboration and Visual Perception


Photographing in the Arts, or: Photography between Aesthetic Tool and Artistic Subject

Maria Kapajeva, the University of Creative Arts at Farnham, UK
I Am Usual Woman: a masquerade of ‘reversing stereotypes’ in my artistic practice

Ksenia Diodorova. Gonzo-Design Studio of Visual Communications, St. Petersburg
21 sense

David Bate, University of Westminster, London
The Broken Society: Still Life Disasters

Michaela Pašteková, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
Adopt photography! Photography as new ready-made

Mikkel McAlinden, artist, Norway

Olga Davydova, St. Petersburg State University, Fotodepartament
Inside out: the private and the public in photography

Juha Tolonen, Aalto University, Finland, Edith Cowan University, Australia
The Consolations of Photography

Ekaterina Bogachevskaya, St. Petersburg State University
Post-documentary: between photojournalism and art

16 May 2015 (10.00 – 18.00)

Panel 1
Old Pictures, New Evidence, or: Rethinking Historical Photography

Jessica Werneke, The University of Texas at Austin
Sovetskoe Foto and Soviet Photography Clubs in the Late Soviet Period

Olga Annanurova, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
Gaze as an action. The “performative” as applied to stereo photography

Claudia Pfeiffer, researcher in history of photography, Berlin

Elena Zyranova, Peterhof State Museum Reserve, St. Petersburg
Industry of masterpieces. Photographic reproduction of art in Europe in the second half of XIX century

Inessa Kouteinikova, independent scholar, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
The Exotic Bodies in Central Asian early Photography (1865-1920): the Power of attraction

Darya Zaitseva, freelance researcher, St.Petersburg
“Art of movement” and science of movement. Pictorialist aesthetics and scientific study of dance

Photography and memory

Elena Dyakova, Russian State Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg
Family album as a project of conscious self representation

Ekaterina Kalinina, Moscow State University
Writer’s photographic experience. Photography as a key to reading Bunin’s Arsentyev’s Life.

Anna Kotomina, State Polytechnic Museum, Moscow
Industrial albums at the Polytechnic Museum: private and collective memory

Panel 2
Talking Pixels, or: Digital Imagery and its distribution and consumption

Birk Weiberg, Zurich Univeristy of the Arts, Switzerland
Post-Internet as Post-Apparatus

Ales Potapenko, European Univeristy, Vilnius, Lithuania
Unaccountable interactiveness: practices of mobile photography

Veronika Vishnevskaya, Southern Federal University, Academic Photography School, St. Petersburg
Photo-memes: from images to signs

Maria Gourieva, St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture

This is Real, or: Authenticity, identity and Politicity

Patricia Hayes, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
The labour of photography: southern African migrant workers and colonial state registration systems (1946-60)

George Emeka Agbo, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Boko Haram Insurgency and a new mode of war

Lisa Andergassen, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany
Gestures towards authenticity – digital photography’s strategies to generate “evidence”

Paulius Petraitis, Middlesex University, London
Elephant in the (Dark) Room: Rethinking Photographic Indexicality

Maria Romakina, Moscow State University
Incognito portraits: transformation of identity in portraits that show no face

Friedrich Tietjen, Vienna Art University